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2nd WASSERMed Workshop

Workshop on water-related security threats in the Rosetta area and the Nile Delta, Egypt

23 – 24 November 2010

Location: Pyramisa Hotel, Cairo


The “Workshop on water-related security threats in the Rosettta area and the Nile Delta” is the second of a series of Stakeholder Workshops to be organized by the WASSERMed project in 5 Case Study areas of the Mediterranean Region.

WASSERMed is a collaborative research project, funded by the European Union, and addressing the “Environment, including Climate Change” priority. WASSERMed builds on existing climate projections to address present and future uncertainties in hydrological budgets in the Mediterranean area. The overall approach entails interdisciplinary research, combining climatic and hydrologic scenario building, water system modelling and macroeconomic analysis. Emphasis is placed on the most significant and at-risk sectors, namely agriculture and tourism, in order to assess impacts and risks, and propose technological solutions and management practices toward their mitigation. Activities undertaken at the case-study level further seek to develop an in-depth analysis of water systems, integrating scientific research and stakeholder engagement processes, in order to gain insight on climate change adaptation measures and strategies, within the frame of alleviating potential water-related security threats.
The “Workshop on water-related security threats in the Rosetta area and the Nile Delta, Egypt” is the first step in this Case Study Development process, which was officially launched on January 1st 2010 and spans a 3-year duration. The objectives of the Egypt
event are to:
  • Introduce WASSERMed and the scope of its research to local stakeholders;
  • Foster the exchange of view on the impacts of climate change that may affect water-related security threats in the Rosetta area and the Nile Delta,
  • Promote information sharing on factors that may increase the vulnerability of the local water system, and on water management efforts and policy initiatives towards their mitigation.

 Download the Agenda (draft version)

 Contact person:

Prof. Ahmed Hassan Fahmi
Environment and Climate changes Research Institute
National Water Research Center
NWRC Bldg.
El-Qanater - Qalyoubia 13621
Tel: (+202) 4218 2070
Fax: (+202) 4218 2070
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Final Conference

WASSERMed Final Conference
Milan - FEEM Palazzo delle Stelline
21-22 February 2013

New Paper

A new paper has been published by the Wassermed Team at the University of Exeter.

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