During its first year, WASSERMed initiated its 1st round of Stakeholder Workshops for its Case Studies.
Two workshops have been held so far, with the participation of local experts and stakeholders in Tunis (June 2010) and in Cairo (November 2010).
Their objectives were to introduce WASSERMed to local stakeholders, and exchange views on the impacts of climate change and other factors that may induce water‐related security threats in the Case Study areas.

The 1st round of WASSERMed Stakeholder Workshops

During its first year, WASSERMed is undertaking a 1st round of stakeholder workshops in the Project’s Case Study areas, bringing together local researchers, stakeholders, policy‐makers and the WASSERMed Consortium. The goals are to promote a mutual learning process on water‐related security threats in the Case Study Areas, and ensure that project approaches, methods and results inform and are relevant to local policy and decision‐making priorities.

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Stakeholder involvement in the WASSERMed Case Study Development process

The 1st round of events is particularly aimed towards the framing of the project’s Case Studies, in relation to local policy objectives and research. In this regard, the main objectives of the 1st round of events are to foster the exchange of view on the impacts of climate change and other factors that may induce water‐related security threats in the Case Study areas and to share information on water management efforts and policy initiatives towards their mitigation.
So far, two workshops have been held,  in Tunis (June 2010) and in Cairo (November 2010), focused on the Case Studies of WASSERMed in Tunisia and Egypt respectively.
The 1st round will be completed with the Sardinia Stakeholder Workshop, which will be organized within the framework of the CLIWASEC Cluster Joint Events.
Additional events in the 2nd and 3rd project years will be aimed at the consolidation and discussion of Case Study outcomes.

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   1st WASSERMed Workshop (Tunis)

Nile Delta-Soil Salinization.jpg
2nd WASSERMed Workshop (Cairo)

3rd WASSERMed Workshop (Cagliari-Sardinia)

Photo - Cairo Workshop.JPG
4th WASSERMed Workshop (Amman)


5th WASSERMed Workshop (Syros)


Final Conference

WASSERMed Final Conference
Milan - FEEM Palazzo delle Stelline
21-22 February 2013

New Paper

A new paper has been published by the Wassermed Team at the University of Exeter.

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