Sardinian region (Italy)


Sardinia is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean where agriculture and tourism represent two important economical activities. Population: 1.161.000 half of which distributed in 4 cities; Surface: 24.090 km2 of which 13,6% mountain, 67,9% hills, 18,5 plains. 


Description in brief


Precipitation ranges between 500 and 700 mm per year but can be as high as 1000 mm in the mountain side.
Annual mean temperatures range from 14 to 20°C. Gross internal product in year 2006 was 32 million euros (3.4 % from agriculture and about 27% from tourism and related activities). The main agricultural products are vines and olive orchards in the hill sides and wheat and oat in the plains. The island holds about one third of the Italian sheep and goat pastures.
Energy production comes from hydroelectric, thermoelectric from carbon and eolic. Tourism is an important economic activity for the region and totals an average of 10 million presences each year. The region is subject to desertification processes, frequent droughts and floods.


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