Publishable Deliverables

D3.1.1 VW State of the Art Report

D3.4.1 Test Simulation Output report #1

D3.4.2 Test Simulation Output Report

D3.5.1 Strategic Sectors Simulation Output Report

D3.6.1 Water Balance Cases Simulation Output Report

D4.2.3 Eligible regions_crops for techological solutions

D4.4.2 Possible adaptation measures to climate change including the extreme events

D4.4.3 Adaptation measures in agriculture to face water-related security threats in CS areas

D5.1.1 Definition, details and specifications of a database for modelling purposes

D5.1.2 Water demand scenarios for the Case Studies

D5.1.3 Report on model evaluation for all case studies

D5.2.1 Literature review and comparative analysis of the existing methodologies for water balance

D5.2.2 Report on modelling tools and techniques to be applied for each case study for water balancing

D5.2.3 Report on water balancing modelling for all case studies

D5.3.1 Syntethis report on modelling and indicators for policy recommendations

D6.1.1 Project web site

D6.2.1 Project flyer

D6.2.2 1st WASSERMed Newsletter

D6.2.3 2nd WASSERMed Newsletter

D6.2.4 3rd WASSERMed Newsletter

Dissemination Material on final WASSERMed outcomes (D6.2.5):

01 Climate

02 Macro-economic impacts

03 Agriculture

04 Tourism

05 GIS Tourism Tool

06 Case Studies

07 Modelling

08 Syros

09 Sardinia

10 Rosetta

11 Merguellil

12 Jordan

D6.3.1 Synthesis report on recommendations from local stakeholder workshops

D6.3.2 Synthesis report on the mid-term evaluation of WASSERMed and recommendations for effective dissemination

D6.3.3 Proceedings of the Final WASSERMed workshop



Final Conference

WASSERMed Final Conference
Milan - FEEM Palazzo delle Stelline
21-22 February 2013

New Paper

A new paper has been published by the Wassermed Team at the University of Exeter.

Featured Projects:
Water Availability and Security in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean)
Climate Change, Hydro-conflicts and Human Resources
Climate Induced Changes on the Hydrology of Mediterranean Basins: Reducing Uncertainty and Quantifying Risk through an Integrated Monitoring and Modeling System
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